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Shaberman’s Vegan Monologues asks the Burning Question: Is that a Carrot in your Pocket?

The Vegan Monologues guides readers through the world of being vegan, traveling life’s path as an herbivore in a treacherous world of carnivores. Whether explaining how vegetarian guys get the girls, exploring an addiction to Chinese takeout, or being sequestered in the “garden salad zone,” Author Ben Shaberman’s gentle sense of humor sheds light on what it means to go meatless. But Shaberman also reflects on his Jewish heritage, Pink Floyd concerts, fornicating grasshoppers, and being chased by wild dogs.

The Vegan Monologues collects Shaberman’s essays in a first book that will put a smile on the faces of tofu-huggers and meat-eaters alike. From social absurdities to his own foibles, Shaberman balances reflections on life as a vegan with, well, just life.

Praise for The Vegan Monologues

Smart, wry, and just a little bit cynical, Shaberman parlays a unique sense of humor into a readable tome that elucidates the joys and tribulations of the meat-free lifestyle.
— Aurelia d’Andrea, Former Editorial Director, VegNews
Ben’s warm writing takes equal aim at social absurdities and his own human vulnerabilities. This book is for all of us who find ourselves searching for meaning in the routine triumphs and disappointments of our everyday lives.
— Aaron Henkin, Producer, WYPR (NPR in Baltimore)
Shaberman’s essays are insightful and intelligent, and they’ll make you laugh out loud.
— Shane Speer, Former Editor, Vegetarian Times
The Vegan Monologues provides an insightful glimpse into the meat-free psyche that both herbivores and omnivores will savor.
— Keryl Cryer, Former Senior Editor, Vegetarian Journal